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Natural bee products

Discover the power of bees for yourself and your body with propolis, royal jelly, manuka honey and bee venom!

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Haymetic is pleased to be able to offer you an exclusive advantage by working with bedrop.

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Haymetic and bedrop

Bee products are true all-rounders in our everyday lives and so they belong in every medicine cabinet.
Even in ancient Egypt and antiquity, people attached great importance to the power of bee products such as propolis, royal jelly, bee venom and honey.

People are increasingly changing their way of thinking and so we want to integrate the well-known into today's world. Instead of synthetically manufactured products, we are increasingly using natural products from naturopathy. Whether to strengthen your well-being or for skin care, bee products can help and support many needs.

Bedrop uses pure bee products without any additives. 100% pure bee products with the best quality. Sustainability and environmental friendliness play a large and important role for us. We rely on sustainable glasses and only ship with recyclable materials. A natural product must not harm nature when consumed.

Bee welfare and preservation is a very important topic for us. We are committed to preserving bees. Thanks to our organic certification, we are not allowed to exploit, let alone kill, any bees when harvesting our bee products. We are currently working on larger projects to preserve bees and prevent bee deaths in closer cooperation with our city of Landau and are already in closer discussions about this.


Haymetic recommends


Real reviews - real customers - full transparency:

High-dose propolis cream
Consisting of propolis, grape seed oil 🍇 & beeswax! 🐝

The propolis cream nourishes & supports as a versatile all-rounder for your skin needs. 💛

▶️ Numerous studies prove the antioxidant, antibacterial & antiseptic properties of propolis.

▶️ Grape seed oil helps relieve itching and protects and nourishes dry, cracked skin. Grape seed oil also helps to support wound healing and treat cold sores and herpes.

Effect when applied selectively:
👍 Dermatitis (neurodermatitis, eczema)
👍 Psoriasis / psoriasis
👍 Warts
👍 Acne
👍 Injuries
👍 Scars
👍 Herpes
👍 Skin irritations
👍 Rash/redness


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