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Elara the owl

Elara the owl

In a distant land, in the middle of a lush forest, lived a little owl named Elara. Elara, a little owl, was known for her wisdom and bright eyes, always full of curiosity about the world around her. But one day she felt a sadness in her heart. She couldn't understand why she felt so depressed sometimes when she had so many things to be grateful for.

One day, as Elara sat under the ocean blue sky, she heard a gentle whisper in the wind. "Dear Elara," said the voice, "you already have the power to change within you." Confused, Elara raised her eyes to the sky and asked, "Who's speaking?"

"It is your inner wisdom that speaks to you," the voice replied. "You can direct your thoughts and influence your feelings. All you need is love for yourself and the strength to break your own patterns."

Elara listened carefully and felt a spark of hope rise within her. The next morning she woke up with a determination to change her life. She began to consciously focus on the positive aspects of her life and let go of her negative thoughts.

As time passed, Elara noticed her heart feeling lighter and her eyes shining with joy again. She began helping other animals in the forest overcome their own challenges and spread love and support around her.

One day Elara stood on a hill and looked down at the beautiful forest. She smiled, knowing that she had found her inner wisdom and was now able to steer her life in a positive direction.

And so the story is told of Elara, the little owl who learned to direct her thoughts and influence her feelings. She reminds us that we have the power to create our own happiness by loving ourselves and using our inner resources. And so we can start each new day with hope, love and confidence.

Are owls active during the day?

Yes, some owl species are actually active during the day. However, most owls are nocturnal birds that move and hunt primarily in the dark. They have developed special adaptations to see and hunt efficiently in dim light, such as large eyes and a special arrangement of light-harvesting cells in the retina.

However, there are also some species of owls that are active during the day. These owls are generally better adapted to bright daylight and hunt during dusk or even full daylight. A well-known example of a diurnal owl is the snowy owl, which lives in polar regions and also looks for its prey during the day, and the little owl. The little owl is a small species of owl found in Europe, Asia and North America. It is active both at dusk and during the day and mainly hunts insects and small vertebrates.


The owl often represents wisdom, intuition, secrets and deep insight. Here are some aspects of owl symbolism:

  • Wisdom and Intuition: The owl is often considered a symbol of wisdom because it is active at night and has clear vision in the dark. This may indicate that one can make wise decisions in difficult or opaque situations if one listens to one's intuition and has the ability to see the truth behind the surfaces.

  • Secrets and Mysticism: The owl is often associated with the unknown and the mysteries of the universe. It symbolizes diving into the depths of consciousness to reveal hidden truths and gain spiritual insights.

  • Connection to the spiritual world: In some cultures, the owl is seen as a messenger creature between the worlds. She can represent a connection to the spiritual plane and serve as a guide to convey messages from higher realities.

  • Introspection and Self-Knowledge: The owl encourages looking within oneself and seeking deeper understanding. This can lead to personal growth, self-knowledge and development of one's intuition.

  • Change and Transformation: The owl undergoes a change as it grows from a young owl to an adult. This can be seen as a symbol of personal transformation and growth, where old beliefs and behavior patterns are shed to make room for new things.

  • Messenger of the Night: Because the owl is active at night, it is often considered a messenger of the night. This may indicate the importance of darkness as a place of calm, self-reflection and spiritual renewal.

The owl is often seen as a guide and source of inspiration, encouraging one to trust one's inner wisdom and intuition and to search for deeper meanings in life.

Minerva's owl is also very informative in this regard.

The Owl of Minerva, also known as Minerva's Owl, is a symbol from Greek mythology that has deep symbolic meaning. In Greek mythology, Minerva (also known as Athena) was the goddess of wisdom, strategy, arts and crafts. The owl became associated with Minerva and became a symbol of wisdom, cleverness and knowledge. Here are some aspects of the symbolism and meaning of Minerva's Owl:

Wisdom and knowledge: Minerva's owl symbolizes above all wisdom and knowledge. It is often seen as a sign of deep knowledge and wise judgment. The connection between the owl and Minerva reflects the idea that wisdom and intelligence can flourish in the night when the darkness of ignorance is overcome.

Night and Darkness: The owl is a nocturnal bird that hunts in the dark. This metaphorically represents piercing the darkness of ignorance and achieving knowledge and wisdom. Minerva's owl therefore also symbolizes the ability to bring light into the darkness and reveal truth.

Owl as a companion: In mythology, the owl was often depicted as a companion to Minerva. This underlines the close connection between wisdom and the owl. The idea of an owl acting as a companion to a divine figure of wisdom reinforces the importance of the owl as a symbol of intelligence and insight.

Prudence and intuition: The owl also represents wisdom and the ability to intuitively grasp situations and make informed decisions. Their calm and thoughtful demeanor is often seen as a metaphor for wisdom.

Life Experience: The owl was considered a symbol of rich experiences due to its age and life experience. The assumption is that with increasing age and experience, wisdom also increases, similar to the owl.

Overall, the Owl of Minerva represents a deep connection to wisdom and knowledge gained through wisdom, intuition and breaking through the darkness of ignorance. The symbolism of Minerva's owl reminds us to appreciate the importance of knowledge and insight and to cultivate them in our lives.

The story of Elara, the little owl, teaches us that we have the ability to find our own happiness and inner strength. By directing our thoughts, influencing our feelings and focusing on the positive, we can overcome challenges and improve our quality of life. This story reminds us that change starts from within and that we have the power to move our lives in a positive direction.

Here are three suitable affirmations for inner strength:

  1. "I am a co-creator of my life and consciously direct my thoughts and feelings in a positive direction."

  2. "Every day is a new opportunity to develop my inner strengths and shape my life according to my wishes."

  3. "I open my heart to the love and light of the universe and enter this new week with confidence and joy."



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