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A complex assessment of CRPS

Eine komplexe Begutachtung von CRPS

🇬🇧 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

🇨🇭 Komplexes Regionales Schmerz Syndrom

A complex assessment of CRPS

👣 CRPS often leads to restricted movement and pain. Louise Hay would say that this could indicate an emotional block or inability to move forward in a particular area of life.

👀 It can indicate a deep fear of the future, financial, professional or personal insecurities.

😶‍🌫 CRPS symbolizes someone having strong resistance to change in their life, usually out of fear of the unknown.

💊 Dependence on medical help & difficult to control pain may indicate a feeling of helplessness or powerlessness.

🚰 CRPS is known for its extreme & often persistent pain. This pain can serve as a kind of "vent" for repressed emotional distress. Often with difficulty expressing feelings or managing conflict. The physical pain could symbolize how deep-seated emotional pain is finally surfacing.

🔭 CRPS often leads to a feeling of alienation from your own body & reality. This could symbolize that the affected person has become alienated from their own emotions or life circumstances. The illness could be a kind of "warning signal" to draw attention to inner conflicts & the need for self-awareness.

💾 Many people with CRPS develop the disease after injuries or traumatic experiences. This could indicate deeper psychological symbolism. The body could "store" the loss or trauma and express it through CRPS. In this regard, CRPS could be seen as a subconscious way of pointing out unresolved emotional injuries.

♻ The search for healing & integration:

Treatment often requires a comprehensive approach that includes physical therapy & psychological support. This symbolizes that healing from CRPS also requires an integration of physical, emotional & mental health. The illness can serve as a kind of "wake-up call" to bring all aspects of the self into harmony.

Overall, CRPS can indicate that the body & mind have a deep connection. CRPS can be viewed as a kind of “message” reminding us to pay attention to our inner emotional conflicts & unprocessed traumas. It highlights the need for holistic healing that addresses both the body and the soul.

⚜ Recommendations for the solution

1⃣ Acupuncture & Acupressure

These traditional Chinese healing techniques can help relieve pain by balancing energy flows in the body.

2⃣ Phytotherapy (herbal medicine)

Some herbs may have anti-inflammatory properties & help relieve pain. These include turmeric, ginger, frankincense & devil's claw.

3⃣ Homeopathy

For CRPS, remedies such as Arnica montana, Hypericum perforatum or Rhus toxicodendron could be considered.

4⃣ Physiotherapy

Specialized physiotherapy programs, such as mirror therapy, aim to restore impaired perception and motor function.

5⃣ Relaxation techniques

Stress can worsen CRPS symptoms. Relaxation methods such as progressive muscle relaxation or meditation can help reduce stress and relieve pain.

6⃣ Nutrition

A balanced diet can help reduce inflammation & support the immune system. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil & foods like flaxseed may have anti-inflammatory properties.

7⃣ Magnetic therapy

Pain relief through the use of magnetic fields.

8⃣ Psychological support

Psychotherapeutic support, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), can help to improve the way you deal with pain and stress.

Somatoform pain disorder:

👉 This is how you can heal your life

🚫 PAIN 🚫

In the Hermetic view, pain is often seen as a teacher that helps us to recognize our mistakes & learn to evolve.

Pain can also be understood as a tool that shows us when we need to turn away from wrong beliefs or behaviors in order to heal our soul.

Overall, pain can be seen as part of the universal process of growth, helping us to enlighten our soul & bring us closer to the truth.

The most likely reason:


Guilt always seeks punishment.

New thought pattern:

Lovingly I let go of the past!

The others are free & I am free!

Everything is good in my heart now!



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